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Positive Changes in Employment Situation

  Companies  forecast improvement of employment situation, as they expect to cut jobs at a slower pace in the next three months with some sectors, notably finance, expecting to urge headcount, a survey showed on Tuesday.

   A quarterly survey by recruitment firm Manpower showed a seasonally adjusted net balance of -2 percent of firms planned to cut jobs between October and December.

   The survey, which covered more than 2,100 employers, found that 80 percent of respondents expect no headcount change in the fourth quarter.

   While the pace of job-shedding appears to be easing, the number of Britons out of work is likely to continue to grow for some time.

   Companies in the transport and communications sector had the weakest hiring confidence for the coming quarter, closely followed by the hotels and restaurants sector.

    Utilities and the public sector, on the other hand, remained in positive hiring territory. They were joined by the finance and business services sector which indicates good results for the first time in five quarters, according to Reuters report.