Toshiba Jumps On Blu-Ray Bandwagon

Toshiba mounted a valiant effort at establishing HD-DVD as the high definition optical disc standard. Ultimately, HD-DVD went the way of Betamax video tapes, IBM OS/2, LS floppy drives, and other technologies that came out on the short end of the marketing and technology war. Ultimately, it was Sony's high definition disc platform,Blu-ray, that won, and now Toshiba is jumping on the Blu-ray bandwagon , PC World reports.

Meanwhile, the consumer electronics maker conceded defeat in the format battle in February 2008 after Hollywood studios and Wal-Mart lined up in support of Blu-ray over HD DVD, which had also been backed by Microsoft. Sony-led Blu-ray supporters included Panasonic.

Toshiba said it had applied for membership in the Blu-ray Disc Association, which is responsible for the development and promotion of the high-definition format , InformationWeek reports.

Besides turning out Blu-ray home media players, Toshiba is also set to include the BD drives inside its upcoming notebooks as well , Inquirer reports.

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