Disneyland in Paris suffers losses because of early Easter

The operator of Paris' Euro Disney theme park said its sales growth slowed sharply in the third quarter, mostly because of this year's early Easter holiday.

Euro Disney SCA, which also runs the Walt Disney Studios theme park and operates seven hotels with nearly 6,000 rooms, said sales rose 3 percent to EUR 331.9 million ($522 million) in its April-to-June fiscal third quarter, down from the 18 percent pace set during the first half.

The company said this year's early Easter holiday, which fell in March, was largely to blame for the slowdown.

The company's financial year ends in September.

Sales at Euro Disney's theme parks rose 5 percent to EUR 182 million in the third quarter, thanks to more visitors from France, the Netherlands and Italy, as well as higher spending per guest.

Higher room rates helped lift sales at the company's hotels and Disney Village shopping and entertainment center by 2 percent to EUR 135.4 million ($213.1 million) in the third quarter.