James Bullard to head St. Louis Federal Reserve Bank

The Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis , one of 12 regional Reserve Banks, will be headed by James Bullard beginning from April 1.

The board of directors decided that Bullard would be a suitable successor of the retiring president and chief executive, William Poole.

Bullard was previously a vice president and deputy director of research for monetary analysis in the St. Louis Fed's Research Department.

Poole worked for the Fed for about 10 years. From 1985 until his appointment to the St. Louis Bank, Dr. Poole was an adjunct scholar at the Cato Institute which he is going to join this fall as a senior fellow. His plans also include his service as a scholar at the University of Delaware in Newark.

The St. Louis Fed is the headquarters of the Eighth Federal Reserve District, which includes the state of Arkansas and portions of Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Mississippi, the eastern half of Missouri, and Tennessee. It has branches in Little Rock, Louisville and Memphis.