Motorola Inc is searching for new head to take over its mobile devices unit

An American multinational communications company, Motorola Inc, is in need of a full-time head for its mobile devices unit.

The post is currently taken over by Greg Brown, President and CEO.

Motorola's success with the RAZR projected the company into a position where it became a major force in the hand held market. Motorola cut handset prices in order to gain market share and though they shipped more units at the end of 2006 than ever before, their profit crashed in the final quarter. Finding themselves too dependent on a single product that had become outdated, Motorola began a worldwide cost saving and restructuring exercise in 2007 leading to the closure of sites and the sell-off of non-core divisions (ECC Tempe Arizona to Emerson).

Motorola continues to experience troubles with its handset division, which experienced a $1.2 billion loss in the 4th Quarter of 2007. Analyst reports also indicated that Motorola's handset market share had slipped to 13% or less, down from 23% a year earlier. Overall, the company reported an 84% decrease in profit compared to a year earlier.