Father nearly chokes his 8-month-old baby using popcorn to calm him down

The young spouses Melnikovs (names have been changed – ed. note) from the city of Kashira, Moscow region, had a rough night. They were trying to calm down their 8-month-old son, who was wailing unhappily. A 20-year-old mother of the child spent some time lulling him to sleep, but to no avail. Then a 24-year-old man relieved his wife as she grew tired after yet another attempt that ended in failure.

The father ran out of his patience pretty fast. Apparently, he could not stand the crying no more. The father went to the kitchen and grabbed some popcorn. Then he got back to the bedroom and put a kernel of popcorn in the baby’s moth. It is still unclear why the young man used popcorn as a pacifier. Needless to say, the baby did not like his father’s idea. The little boy took a breath and started coughing fiercely. As it turned out, popcorn got stuck in the baby’s larynx, blocking the air pass in his windpipe. Soon the baby began to choke.

The parents got scared but managed to call an ambulance, which rushed the baby to the Moscow Regional Treatment and Research Clinic. Doctors used special equipment for removing a foreign body from the baby’s larynx. Later the boy was admitted to an otorhinolaryngology department for further treatment.

“The baby’s condition is okay and stable at the moment. However, we are going to keep him in hospital for a little longer. The baby still has fever following some damage done to his larynx. Hopefully, no complications will arise and the boy will completely recover in a short while. We would like to take the opportunity and urge all parents to greater caution for the sake of their children. Using popcorn for calming down an 8-month-old infant is an act of utmost recklessness,” said a spokesperson for the hospital.

Komsomolskaya Pravda

Translated by Guerman Grachev

Author`s name Alex Naumov