Incredibly severe Siberian frosts to hit Moscow for three days

Night temperatures will drop to 30-34 degrees below zero

frostSevere frosts are expected to hit Moscow on Monday night. Night temperatures are to drop 26 degrees below zero today, a spokesperson for the Moscow Meteorological Bureau said.

The temperature started falling at 3:00 p.m. Moscow time: from one or two degrees below zero to 7-10 degrees below zero. The second wave of cold air is expected to reach Moscow tonight. The front will bring the cold of 16-18 degrees Celsius. The cold will become even stronger on Tuesday night: 26 degrees below zero.

Muscovites will have to experience the true Siberian cold during the religious holiday of Epiphany celebrated on January 19. Meteorologists say that night temperatures will reach 34 degrees below zero, which will be two degrees lower than the absolute record that has ever been registered in Moscow before. Daytime will not be a relief for Muscovites, though: -25 degrees Celsius. It will become a frostlittle bit “warmer” during the weekend: -26 at night and -18 degrees in the afternoon.

”All cyclones and anti-cyclones usually flow from west to east. This one goes from the east. It is a polar cyclone, which has covered the entire Asian part of Russia,” meteorologist Natalia Yershova said. “The temperatures will be 15 degrees lower than usual. This meteorological phenomenon has caused incredibly severe cold in Siberia,” the specialist added.

School classes can be canceled in Moscow if daytime temperatures will fall lower than 20 degrees Celsius, Interfax reports. Meanwhile, Moscow emergency services take urgent measures to be prepared for the cold attack. Moscow's energy company, Mosenergo, confirmed that electric power supplies will have to be partially restricted in the city (for street illumination mainly) during two or three days of severe cold.

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Author`s name Olga Savka