Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov

Villagers nearly lynched criminal who raped and murdered little girl

A horrendous crime is reported to have occurred in the Ukrainian town of Borodyanka. According to investigators, an 11-year-old girl was raped and choked by a local resident who tricked her into going to his apartment. The suspect is reported to have served a prison term for stealing a bicycle a few years ago.

A woman called the police at about 1 a.m. The woman sounded extremely worried. She said that Anya, her 11-year-old daughter, was missing. The woman told the police that her daughter had always come home on time in the past. The woman also reported that her neighbors or relatives knew nothing of the girl’s whereabouts.

Thousands of leaflets with a photograph of the missing child had been posted by the police around the town by the next morning. The police got a lead on the crime after receiving a call late in the evening. A caller said that he had seen a girl who looked very much like the one depicted on the police leaflets. The caller saw the girl crossing the street with a male adult.

“I saw them crossing the street as I drove in my car nearby. They were apparently heading towards an apartment building. The man seemed to be taking his daughter home or so it looked to me,” said the caller.

It did not take long for the police to find out the apartment building mentioned in an eyewitness account. According to police records, a former convict lived in one of the apartments of the building. The police did not hesitate to rush straight to the location. The policemen rang the doorbell but nobody answered. Then the policemen knocked down the door, reports NTN.

The body of the girl was found lying in a puddle of blood in one of the rooms. According to forensic experts, the victim was first raped, then beaten up and killed by strangulation.

The suspect was apprehended several hours later. Shortly after he was brought to the police station for questioning, the police had to cordon off the building because lots of angry people gathered in the vicinity with a clear intention to lynch him. The suspect admitted to committing the crime during the first interrogation. He repented his actions by saying he was under the influence at the time. The suspect also admitted that he had also planned to burn the dead body or bury it somewhere outside the town but he had no time to carry out his plan.

“The suspect got back to town two years ago after serving four years in prison. He was convicted of theft – he stole a bicycle. This time he may be sentenced to life imprisonment,” said Vadim Lastovka, a prosecutor of the Borodyanka region.

It is reported that the victim was from a single-parent family. Those who knew Anya characterize her as a modest and kind creature. “She was very obedient, the epitome of a mamma’s girl. Her mother used to meet Anya after school, and they would walk back home together. The mother stopped the ritual a year ago,” said the godmother of the deceased.

Anaya’s mother is reported to be completely devastated the death of her only child. Her relatives say that the bereaved woman is still alive only because of sedative injections she gets on a daily basis. Thousands of people attended Anya’s funeral. The girl’s corpse lay in state amid wreaths and flowers. Anya was clothed in a wedding dress and a veil when they laid her to rest.

Lilia Subin

Translated by Guerman Grachev