Russian woman tries to sell her daughter for internal organs

The woman evaluated her daughter's internal organs and tissues at $10,000

A court in the Bryansk region of Russia issued a conviction against Olga Zelentsova. The woman was found guilty of selling an underage individual for commercial purposes. Investigators determined that an unemployed, alcohol-addicted woman, a mother of two juvenile children, was trying to sell her little daughter's internal organs. Mother tried to sell her daughter for internal organs

The police found out that a young woman was looking for people, willing to buy “live goods.” Investigators traced the woman themselves and arranged several meetings with her, as potential clients, to discuss all terms and prices of a possible deal with the seller.

A “client” told the woman that he was going to purchase her little daughter and use the girl as a prostitute. After that the disguised police officer said that the girl would probably have to be killed to withdraw her internal organs and tissues. The mother did not mind. The seller and the “buyer” agreed for a $10,000 deal.

Olga Zelentsova was arrested in August of the current year, when she came to receive the money for her daughter. The court sentenced Zelentsova to six years of coercive works in a colony. The woman will most likely be deprived of parental rights for her two little children, born in 1999 and 2005.

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Author`s name Olga Savka