Author`s name Olga Savka

Chechen terrorists attack Russia's southern towns again

One police officer was killed and three others were wounded in the battle with terrorists

Another terrorist attack has happened in Russia's North Caucasus overnight. A group of terrorists attacked the village of Yandare in the republic of Ingushetia and tried to set the houses of Ingush police officers ablaze. In the meantime, Russian special forces destroyed two outstanding terrorists in the town of Khasavyurt, the republic of Dagestan.Chechen terrorists
Gunmen broke into the village of Yandare in the middle of the night. They simultaneously attacked six houses, in which the families of Ingush police officers lived. Spokespeople for local law-enforcement authorities believe that the guerrillas were trying to kill the commander of Ingushetia's special police unit, Rashid Ganizhev. The official was not at home when the terrorists attacked the village, although they wounded Ganizhev's brother, Timur, also a police officer.

Three houses and a BMW vehicle, which the terrorists set ablaze, burnt to the ground. There were reportedly 30 terrorists in the group, wielding guns, grenade-launchers and fire-bombs. The attackers raided the village and vanished in the woods. Russian forces started a special operation to capture the terrorists.

Chechen terrorismAnother special operation was launched in the Dagestan town of Khasavyurt at 2 a.m. today. The federal troops were battling against a group of terrorists that holed up in the town's hostel. One military man was killed, four others were wounded during the operation. The police killed two terrorists and are currently searching for others (there were up to five gunmen in the group).

One of the killed extremists, a man of Chechen nationality Sultan Abdiyev, was an emissary in one of Chechen regions. The other one, Takhir Badayev, was his deputy. The two terrorists were wanted by the Russian police for committing terrorist acts and other severe crimes.

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