Russian troops conduct special operation in Nalchik seeking remaining terrorists

The police killed one man today, who showed resistance to the officers when they stopped three men for a document check

The police are still patrolling the city of Nalchik, the capital of Russia's southern republic of Kabardino Balkaria, which has recently suffered a huge terrorist attack. When officers stopped three suspicious men and asked for their IDs, the men refused and showed resistance to the police. One of the men was killed, two other escaped from the scene. The incident happened early in the morning today, a source from the Interior Affairs Ministry of the republic told Interfax. Nalchik, Russia

Russian federal troops are currently conducting a large special operation in the center of the city, where the terrorists seized several governmental and administrative departments. Nalchik's center has been blockaded; the authorities recommended local residents to stay indoors, a source from the law-enforcement agencies of the republic said.

”Police officers visit every apartment in the area seeking those who could be involved in the terrorist attack on Nalchik on October 13-14 and their accomplices,” the source said.

The terrorist attack in the south of Russia - see photo gallery here

All kindergartens and schools resumed their work on Monday morning in Nalchik. Psychologists started working with those people, who suffered a serious shock as a result of the attack on the city, a spokesperson for the city administration said. “Psychologists will render necessary help to children who study in School No.5: those children witnessed the battle between the terrorists and the federal troops because the school is situated in the city's center, where most of the armed clashes occurred,” an official from the city administration said.

Schoolchildren are still scared to go to school; parents worry about them a lot too in spite of the fact that every school of the city has been provided with armed security guards. Schools started working in Nalchik on Monday, although a lot of schoolchildren were too afraid to go out and preferred to stay at home. It is worthy of note that there were no victims among either schoolchildren or teachers, Itar Tass said.

Forty-five people, including 22 police officers that were wounded in the recent terrorist attack on the city, are currently staying at medical institutions of Nalchik.

In the meantime, life in Nalchik gradually returns back to normal. Workers try to repair the damaged buildings as soon as possible because of the forthcoming winter season. The city transport is up and running, shops and markets are open too. Nalchik's streets look rather busy in the afternoon. Local residents understand the need of numerous soldiers and police officers in the streets of the city, although the city looks deserted at night.

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Author`s name Olga Savka