Bomb injures 50 in the center of Vitebsk, Belarus

The explosion left no victims, although some of the wounded are in severe condition

One of the largest cities of Belarus, Vitebsk, has received extensive media coverage today. A bomb blew up on one of the central squares of the city, injuring at least 50 people, according to preliminary results of the investigation. The explosion left no victims. Spokespeople for Belarussian law-enforcement authorities say that everyone who was wounded in the blast will most likely recover. According to medical specialists, however, many of the wounded are in severe condition.

A homemade bomb was disguised as a beer can and contained shards of metal to increase the number of victims. The bomb was reportedly buried in a flowerbed outside a cafe, which enjoys popularity among the local youth.

For the time being, Belarussian investigators withhold comments on the versions of the accident. The police cordoned off the scene, whereas law-enforcement officers continue to collect the evidence.

The investigation is underway although no one has claimed responsibility for the terrorist act. There is no information about possible suspects either. It is not ruled out though that the act had been organized by local business competitors.

The explosion became the second accident, which occurred in the city within two weeks. In the previous accident, a homemade bomb blew up in one of the streets of the city on September 15. Two people were wounded in the explosion.

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Author`s name Olga Savka