Elderly pedophile who abused 60 orphan girls caught in Siberia

A 52-year-old pedophile abused 60 orphan girls in two years. The monster was arrested after the police got a vivid account of the abhorrent crime from one of his victims.

The police arrested the 52-year-old man who had debauched teenage girls for almost two years in the city of Omsk. All of his victims were foster children of the city’s two orphanages.

The police got a lead on the criminal after an instructor of the orphanage discovered a piece of paper while straightening a mattress on the bed used by one of the girls. The paper contained a drawing, which put the instructor in a state of shock. The instructor told a head mistress about the find. The head mistress promptly and tactfully asked the girl a few questions. Then she called the police.

Anya, the girl who graphically depicted sexual intercourse on a scrap of paper and stuck it under her bed, seemed to be ready and willing to answer numerous questions asked by the police. Anya told them that she and other girls of the orphanage had been regularly visiting an apartment owned by “Uncle Oleg.” She also told the police about things which the man did to them in his apartment. Anya told the police that the man would give them money or presents before sending them back to the orphanage.

The police did not take long to track down and apprehend a suspect. The man was a self-employed driver who rendered transportation across the city of Omsk. He called himself a taxi driver.

The prosecutor’s office of the Soviet district of the city of Omsk instituted an action against Oleg Petrenko, 52. The investigators found out that the suspect had committed pedophiliac acts involving girls aged from 10 to 15, the foster children of two orphanages located in the same neighborhood. Both institutions house orphans and children from the dysfunctional families. The parents of those children had been deprived of their parental rights.

A well-mannered single man living quietly in his own apartment

Speaking with a Tvoi Den correspondent, Roman Rusakov, a investigator with district prosecutor’s office, said that Oleg Petrenko had arrived in Omsk about 16 years ago. Petrenko got a job at a factory and married a local woman. Several years ago he quit working as a laborer and began using his own Zhiguli as a private taxi. Meanwhile, his family life came to an end. His neighbors believed he had been a single man for the last two years. The neighbors told the police Petrenko was a well-behaved man who caused no problems whatsoever. According to Petrenko’s neighbors, his apartment had never been the scene of wild parties or debaucheries.Noneofthemseemedtohavetheslightestideaofthecrimethathadbeencommittedinhisapartmentfornearlytwoyears.Petrenkowouldtellhisneighborsthattheteenagegirlswhohadfrequentlyvisitedhisplacewerehisniecesorhisfriends’daughterswhoarrivedinOmskfromruralareasonasightseeingtrip.

A cup of tea and a bit more for those out in the cold

Petrenko picked up his first victim by accident. One frosty night he was cruising around the city in his cab looking for customers. He spotted a teenage girl standing by the side of the road. The girl was shabbily dressed and totally alone. She was apparently freezing. Petrenko pulled over and offered her a lift. He brought the girl to his cozy apartment and gave her a cup of hot tea with some candies. And then he molested her and abused her sexually.

Afterwards he gave her some money. It was a pretty small sum, 100 rubles, but the girl seemed happy to accept it. Petrenko asked the girl to visit him again and bring some mates along before he sent her back to the orphanage. The girl quickly spread the word about the “Uncle Oleg” who was “very kind” to her. In a short while, several girls of the orphanage would visit Petrenko’s apartment on a regular basis. The cost of services rendered by the girls to the pedophile went up a bit, to 250 rubles. There were some extras given away by Petrenko to the girls: a pair of jeans, a t-shirt… The foster children would boast to one another about the classy threads they got from the “kind man in town.” Soon the number of girls who regularly visited Petrenko’s apartment exceeded 10. Besides, the girls from a neighboring orphanage began visiting his apartment too. Two or three girls would knock on his door in the afternoon, shortly after school, for a cup of tea with candies and something else that would inevitably follow.

Head mistress figured it right once she saw the drawing

Galina A., the head mistress who called the police, told our correspondent that Anya, the author of a graphic drawing featuring sexual intercourse, had been placed in the orphanage last September. Her parents had been deprived of their parental rights by court order. “We didn’t notice anything strange about Anya’s behavior though the instructors reported that she’d gone AWOL several times recently. We thought that the girl was visiting her mom who lived nearby. I knew it was trouble once I saw that nauseous drawing found under her mattress,” said the headmistress.

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