Author`s name Olga Savka

London expects another series of terrorist attacks

The police are currently standing guard over the entire transportation system of London

London's Metropolitan Police goes on full alert today in the expectation of another series of terrorist attacks. Police officers will spend the entire day on duty in the streets of London and on the roofs of the buildings.

London's law-enforcement authorities believe that a new group of suicide terrorists consists of young British Muslims of Pakistani origin. The people are closely connected with the Leeds-based terrorist group, which organized the explosions in the center of London on July 7th.

The police are currently standing guard over the entire transportation system of London. Police officers believe, however, that extremists are preparing another series of explosions in London's Tube and double-deckers. They also believe that extremists have access to bombs and can hire a multitude of volunteers that are ready to sacrifice their lives.

US special services said yesterday that a group of potential terrorists gathered for a meeting at Finsbury Park mosque, in north London. The terrorists, who blew their bombs in the center of London on July 7th, are said to have gathered in the temple too. The third team of terrorists was reportedly going to attack London on Thursday. Over 6,000 London police officers in the tube did not let the tragedy repeat itself. It was the largest operation that has ever been conducted in the British capital since the end of WWII.

London's Metropolitan Police have arrested 18 people suspected of having terrorist links. The terrorist network, which has been created in Great Britain, involves not only suicide terrorists alone, but also those, who harbor, fund criminals and make bombs for them. The police of London aim to detect the central link of the network.

One of organizers of July 21st terrorist acts in London, Osman Hussain, was arrested in Rome during the weekend. The bomber attempted to explode his bomb at Shepherd's Bush tube station. The 27-year-old Ethiopian man claimed that the bomb in his backpack was supposed to simply frighten passengers, but could not harm anyone. The bomb, which was found with the terrorist, was filled with sharpened nails. The bomb did not explode because of a malfunction, which occurred in the detonating device.

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