Drunk father brutally circumcises his three sons using a pair of shears

Islambek Baimukhambetov, a former cattle breeder, got drunk and performed a “circumcision” on his three sons using a pair of shears normally used for removing wool from sheep. Three boys in their early teens were slightly injured and suffered a psychological trauma after their father used such a barbarous method for making “real men” of them.

Islambek has been used to shearing sheep since his childhood. All the boys in his homeland help their fathers to shear sheep. Several years ago Islambek left his farm in Kazakhstan and moved for Siberia. He got a job at the construction site in the Omsk region. But his shearing skills seemed to remain intact. One day he used them in a most hideous way on his own offspring.

Ruslan and Ermek, both aged 7 years, were playing in a living room after coming back from school. Their elder brother Aslan, 10, was doing his homework. The kids were used to be on their own. Zauresh, their mother, works at a local grocery market and comes home after dark. Their father would be the first one to slam the door open. Islambek has begun drinking every other day since he got his new job. Zauresh was apparently unhappy about her husband’s habit, arguments were not infrequent, and things went from bad to worse after Islambek beat up his wife one night. Zauresh decided enough was enough and filed for divorce.

One that fateful day the head of the family was drinking with his workmate at the kitchen. Having finished off the bottle of vodka, men started discussing the issue of circumcision. At one point Islambek reportedly told his buddy that it “was about time I did real men of these kids.” Then he got down to business.

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He grabbed Aslan, his eldest son, and pinned him against the bed. The boy got frightened and started crying hysterically when he saw a pair of large shears in his father’s hand.

“Dad told me to calm down and relax. He threatened to cut off everything in sight if I don’t behave,” said Aslan.

The poor child was crying from pain and humiliation. Somehow Aslan managed to break free and fled the house. The enraged father got a hold of Ruslan who grew pale at the sight of blood. He was crying at the top of his voice as he fought frantically with two drunken adults. The men tied him up with pantyhose and subdued him on a sofa. The boy escaped heavy injuries on his scrotum by the skin of his teeth. His twin brother Ermek just peed in his pants when his father looked in his direction. Ermek says he saw no pity in his daddy’s blurred eyes.

Ermek was about to pass out as two men laid him down on the floor and ripped off his pants.

Fortunately, on that day the mother of the children returned from work earlier than usual. She caught a glimpse of a horrible sight: blood stains on the floor, her kids writhing and bleeding, and two wild-eyed men with blood on their hands.

“I picked up my kids and carried them to bed. I remember putting some absorbent cotton to their wounds. You know, I saw double at the moment. Then I called the police. My husband called me “bitch” before dashing off,” said Zauresh. No one has seen Islambek since that day.

An ambulance arrived soon after the police knocked on the door. Doctors provided first aid to the children and rushed them to a hospital. Minor surgery followed. Now the boys feel fine, none of them was seriously hurt during the accident.

Zauresh carries a can of pepper spray in her pocket at all times. She says she is going to use it to protect her children should Islambek come back one of these days.

Evgenia Dmitrieva

Tvoy Den

Translated by Guerman Grachev

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov