Islamic Jamaat decides to send groups of terrorists to Moscow

The recent terrorist act in Makhachkala, Dagestan, triggers another terrorist campaign against Russia 

Jamaat Shariat, a Dagestan-based terrorist group, claimed responsibility for the recent terrorist act in the republic's capital, Makhachkala last Friday. Ten Russian military men were killed as a result of the bomb explosion; over 20 other people, including civilians, were injured in the attack. Terrorists posted a message on one of their websites, saying that they would send a group of Dagestan Mujahideens to Moscow to conduct a series of terrorist operations.

The blast in the capital of Dagestan, Makhachkala, took place on July 1st, Friday, opposite a bathhouse in Atayev Street, when three vehicles, carrying 50 servicemen of Russian special troops parked near the building. The bomb was placed underneath the pipes of the heating main. The power of the bomb, which was stuffed with metal pieces, was equal to seven kilograms of TNT equivalent. The explosion killed ten Russian military men instantly, 14 other people, including civilians, were hospitalized. The number of victims increased, when doctors examined several apartment blocks situated in the area of the terrorist act.

The accident became the second large terrorist act, which was committed against Russian servicemen near the above-mentioned bathhouse. The first explosion took place on 18 January 2002, killing seven and injuring four Russian military men of Internal Affairs Ministry troops deployed in Dagestan. Russian special services arrested several terrorists: the Supreme Court of Dagestan sentenced them to long terms in prison.

”The military men stopped visiting the bathhouse after the first explosion. We resumed the contract a month ago. They would come every Friday. When the bomb blew up, the men were taking their flak jackets off,” the deputy director of the bathhouse, Salman Salmanov told the Gazeta newspaper.

The vehicle, which was parked some five meters away from the heating main pipes, was damaged most in the explosion. The pipes were laid underneath the ground and were covered with grass and bushes in certain places. The water pipes were burst as a result of the explosion – a large pool of water and blood was formed on the site of the accident.

The bodies of nine injured soldiers were sent to Moscow the next day; another person of the Dagestan origin was buried in his fatherland. Four Russian military men were left in extremely severe condition in the republic's hospital.

Islamic Jamaat of Dagestan, Shariat, is a terrorist group, which changed the previously-destroyed Jennet group, chaired by Rasoul Makasharipov. It was reportedly Makasharipov, who formed a new terrorist group, although other sources say that the terrorist was killed in a special operation in the beginning of the year. A message published on one of the terrorist sites said that the session of the Ismalic Jamaat of Dagestan decided to conduct subversive activities on the territory of Russia and send a group of terrorists to Moscow.

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Author`s name Olga Savka