Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov

Another top banker shot dead during one month in Moscow

General Director of one of the departments of Russia’s Vneshtorgbank, Alexander Plokhin, was killed in Moscow yesterday night. It has become the second assassination of a top banker during the recent month in Moscow.

The crime was committed on Tuesday night at about 11.30 p.m. Moscow time. The body of the banker was found on the stairways near his apartment on the 15th storey of an elite apartment block. Plokhin died over a lethal wound in the head, the press service of the Office of the Public Prosecutor told Interfax.

The Office of the Public Prosecutor of Moscow’s southern administrative district instituted criminal proceedings on the fact of the murder.

Deputy Prosecutor of Moscow, Vladimir Ponevezhskiy, told reporters that investigators were working on all versions of the killing, including the one connected with the banker’s professional activity. Alexander Plokhin, the official said, was born in 1948 and chaired an additional office of Vneshtorgbank (Foreign Trade Bank), which is one of the biggest banks of Russia dealing with foreign financial policies.

There was no weapon found on the scene of the crime, although police officers detected a bullet case there.

Another top Russian banker, Deputy Chairman of Russia’s Central Bank, Andrei Kozlov (read more), was killed in Moscow a month ago. He was shot dead on September 13 near a sports complex, where he was playing a game of football with his colleagues. Kozlov was wounded in his head and neck and subsequently died at hospital.