A quarter of Russians consider Israel the aggressor

39% of Russians interpret the armed conflict in the Middle East as a collision between Israel and Islamic radical groups. This figure comes from the results of a survey published on Tuersday by the Russian centre of public opinion studies.

26% of respondents believe that Israeli military aggression is being carried out against peaceful Lebanon.

17% believe that on the contrary, war is being unleashed by Palestinian, Iranian and Lebanese extremists against peaceful Israel.

Concerning direct responsibility for the conflict, participants in the survey named the Israeli government (23%), and the USA and other allies of Israel (21%).

14% believe that terrorist group Hezbollah is responsible for the war, whilst 13% blame Hamas. 5% blame Iran, Syria and other sponsors of Middle Eastern radical organizations for everything. 4% believe that the Lebanese government is to blame.

43% of those surveyed consider that Russia should not interfere in the current conflict.

38% of respondents consider that Moscow should act as an independent mediator.

Only 11% were in favor of supporting one side, the Lebanese and Palestinian autonomy (7%) or Israel (4%).


Translated by Leila Wilmers

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Author`s name Alex Naumov