Anomalously hot weather turns Moscow into Africa

Muscovites are suffering from record high summer temperatures that are quite unusual for the European territory of Russia. Having experienced the anomalous winter cold in January and February of the current year with temperature reaching 35 degrees below zero, Russians have to face another disaster – the summer heat. June 22 and 23 will most likely set new weather records for Moscow – 33-35 degrees above zero centigrade. People faint in the metro because of sultriness; the heat affects the work of electric power stations as well. The heat is to abate during the coming weekend as weather forecasters predict a thunderstorm on Saturday. The average temperature of the recent several days is five or six degrees higher than the norm.

The summer heat has become the reason of four fires at distribution substations in Moscow. Dozens of apartment buildings have been left without electricity because of the fire. All of the four fires occurred from 6:30 till 8:30 p.m., during the highest peak of electric power consumption in Moscow.

Doctors recommend not to eat heavy food during hot weather – fatty meat, pancakes or dumplings. Such food disturbs digestion and thus affects the heart. Hot drinks that are so popular among Russians need to be replaced with juices and mineral water.

In the meantime, US scientists have published the results of another research regarding the change of earth’s climate during 2000 years. According to the research, such high average temperatures on Earth’s surface were registered 400 years ago. The scientists concluded that mankind experiences the hottest period in 2000 years.

American academicians added that the global temperatures continue to rise on the planet along with the increasing level of carbonic gas in the atmosphere. The scientists of the National Center for Atmospheric Research concluded that the destructive Atlantic hurricanes of 2005 obtained their devastating power because of the temperature rise in the Northern Hemisphere.

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov