Doctors remove a skewer from woman's head

Some Russians found it really hard to indulge in the joint celebrations of Russian Easter and the 1st of May holiday. Some people had to face the dire consequences.

A woman showed up at a hospital's emergency room in the city of Perm, in the eastern European part of the Russian Federation, seeking medical attention. The doctors examined the 30-year-old woman and found a "foreign body" i.e. a shish kebab skewer sticking out of her head. She also had an open cranial injury on her head.

After the woman was treated for injuries, she told the doctors that an incident had happened to her while she and her companion were barbecuing in the forest. Her companion accidentally stuck a skewer in her head as he was throwing skewers in a nearby tree. The guy was apparently trying to impress the lady with his adroitness. The police is checking on the circumstances of the case.

Not long ago Pravda has reported about a man with a kitchen knife in the face, which was successfully removed by Russian doctors leaving just a little scar on his cheek.

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov