Author`s name Olga Savka

Russian special services arrest the record-breaking batch of 56 kilos of heroine

Four Tajik men were transporting 28 packs of heroin to the Moscow region

Current May and Easter holidays in Russia have been marked not only with festive celebrations, but with successful work of the Moscow police, which achieved remarkable results in the field of the struggle against illegal drug circulation. Police officers conducted a series of successful operations, in which they arrested several criminals involved in the trafficking of one of most dangerous narcotics, heroin.

Officers of the Moscow-based Drug Control Service achieved the biggest accomplishment at this point. The police arrested four natives of the republic of Tajikistan yesterday and withdrew a very large batch of heroin from them: 28 packs of heroine, weighing two kilos each.

A spokesman for the press service of the Federal Drug Circulation Control Service said that the batch of heroin was supposed to be delivered to the town of Odintsovo in the Moscow region, from where it was to be distributed between local drug dealers. The criminal plans failed to come true. The operation to arrest the four Tajik drug couriers became a part of the general operation on the anti-drug struggle in Moscow and in the Moscow region.

The anti-drug police in other cities of Russia excelled in their activities as well. Police officers arrested a male citizen in the St.Petersburg-Samara train, in which the man was trying to transport one kilogram of heroin. Another drug trafficker was nabbed in the Mordovia republic: in addition to heroine, the police found 400 grams of hashish with the man.

It is noteworthy that the Russian city of Samara is gradually becoming a transfer point in the drug trafficking business. Russian special services have already conducted a series of successful operations to arrest batches of heroine in the city.

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