A baby survives after falling from 11-storied apartment block

Moscow police say a 18-month-old child fell out of the window of an apartment at the 11th floor of an apartment building located in the western area of the city. The child survived the fall.

The police were checking on a report about a child that was taken to hospital by an ambulance some time earlier. The doctors say the child's right hip bone was broken, the child also had multiple bruises and hematomas on its head as well as injures of the internal organs.

"We looked into the case and found out that the infant sustained the injuries after falling from the window of the 11-storied apartment in an apartment building located in western part of Moscow",  said a spokesman for the police.

The police spokesman assumed that a 31-year-old mother of the boy might be to blame for the incident. So far the doctors refused to make a prognosis on the recovery of the child.

The police spokesman said a number of similar incidents happened in Moscow before. Infants fell out of the windows from tall buildings mostly due to a lack of proper parental care and supervision. In some cases infants took a fall after climbing the windowsill to open the window.

The doctors say that normally no human being can survive such a fall. The boy did not fall to his death because he landed on the branches of the trees near the building. However, the impact of the fall on his health is yet to be seen.

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Author`s name Marina Lebedeva