French psychotherapist rapes hypnotized patient and escapes to Russia

The Moscow police arrested French psychotherapist Jeannot Hoareau, the chairman of the European Association of Psychotherapists and the founder of the European Center for Psychotherapy.

The doctor was arrested incidentally when officers of the Security Department of the Russian Ministry for Internal Affairs were conducting an absolutely different investigation. Hoareau was not involved in the investigation, although the officers sent an inquiry to the Russian division of Interpol. It became known that the scientist was wanted by the French authorities. The doctor was sentenced to 15 years in prison for raping his own patient in France. Jeannot Hoareau allegedly committed the crime in the autumn of 1995 during a session of hypnosis. The criminal case described five of such incidents, although the court ruled that only one of them had been proved. The court brought down the sentence against the psychotherapist by default taking into consideration the fact that the criminal had left for Russia seven years ago.

When the psychotherapist arrived in Moscow, he opened an office in the city center. Mr. Hoareau married a Russian woman and subsequently became a father of three children. Afterwards he started working in the Rustomatis clinic, which he established as a department of the European Center for Psychotherapy. The criminal was arrested in Moscow in his own office.

The doctor refuses to acknowledge the sex crime which he allegedly committed in France . He claims that there was a political motive hidden in the sentence which the French court issued. Jeannot Hoareau said that he had been a student of the Moscow Institute of People's Friendship in 1969-1974. The experience, the doctor said, gave the French authorities a reason to suspect him of nurturing communist and pro-Soviet sentiments. To crown it all, Hoareau said that he knew nothing about the court sentence. The doctor also said that he asked the French Ministry for Justice about the investigation that was supposedly conducted against him but the ministry said that they had no claims against the therapist.

Hoareau’s lawyer said that the detainee was not to be delivered to France according to the Russian laws. “According to the European convention on extradition, which Russia signed with several reservations, Russia does not extradite a person who has been deprived of elementary legal rights during legal proceedings conducted in the country where the individual originates from. Hoareau was deprived of one of the basic rights during the trial in France – his personal defense at court.


Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov