Retired officer traffics Russian women to work as prostitutes in Germany

The officer was sending up to 100 Russian women abroad with the help of his own human trafficking channel

Retired Russian officer has been called into criminal account for attracting women residing in Russia's Saratov region to work as prostitutes in Germany. A statement from the Office of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation said that former officer, Vladimir Savitsky, has been charged with enlisting women for sexual activities on the territory of a foreign state.

Investigators said that Savitsky organized an illegal migration channel in 1999, with the help of which he was sending up to 100 Russian women abroad annually.

”In Germany, women were performing sexual favors to foreign clients for money in local brothels, giving away up to 50 percent of their income to brothel owners. Investigators determined that the former officer was used to make his living with the help of transit traffic of cars from Germany to Russia,” Interfax quoted the statement from the Office of the Prosecutor General.

”The officer established necessary contacts during that time, which he subsequently used to export Saratov region female residents to Germany for salacious activities. Savitsky would look for his clients with the help of telephone numbers of so-called leisure agencies; he would go out in the streets for casual acquaintances too. Savitsky was assisting the enlisted women with receiving passports and tourist visas,” the statement runs.

According to investigation results, Vladimir Savitsky has been charged with human trafficking and fabrication of documents.

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Author`s name Olga Savka