Special services destroy the organizer of terrorist act in Beslan

It took Russian law-enforcement agencies some time to realize, whom they killed during the operation

The leader of the so-called Ingushetian Jamaat, international terrorist Abu Dzeit, was killed in the republic of Ingushetia, the Northern Caucasus. The terrorist was involved in the incursion in Ingushetia in July and in the horrible hostage crisis in Beslan in September of the current year, Federal Security Bureau (FSB) said.

The special operation to destroy Abu Dzeit was conducted on February 16th, although the information about it was exposed only today. Abu Dzeit, a national of Kuwait, was al-Qaida's high-ranking representative in Ingushetia. The terrorist, also known as Little Omar and Abu Omar of Kuwait, directly subordinated to Abu Khavs, who coordinated the entire terrorist activity on the territory of Russia. According to Russian special services, Abu Dzeit was trained in al-Qaeda terrorist camps in Afghanistan. The terrorist was later sent to Bosnia, where he committed several terrorist acts.

In the Northern Caucasus, Abu Dzeit was in charge of terrorist activities in the Russian internal republic of Ingushetia. The terrorist personally participated in the funding and planning of the armed attack on Russian police officers in the republic's capital, Nazran. Dzeit also took part in the organization of the monstrous terrorist act in Beslan, southern Russia, when hundreds of innocent children were taken hostage. Abu Dzeit was training suicide bombers and propagandizing the terrorist ideology in armed groups, spokespeople for the Russian FSB said.

Abu Dzeit was killed during a special operation conducted by FSB and Interior Ministry's special troops in Ingushetia.  The terrorist and two other guerrillas were killed during the storming of the house, in which they were hiding. Abu Dzeit was staying in the basement of the house that was outfitted as an underground shelter. “When FSB soldiers found the entrance to the shelter, the Arab terrorist killed himself,” a spokesman for the service said.

It took Russian law-enforcement agencies some time to realize, whom they killed during the operation on February 16th. The fact of the terrorist's destruction was realized later, after the identification of the body. Special services found a number of self-made bombs, weapons and the terrorist's personal archives during the operation too.

It was reported during the hostage crisis in Beslan that Arab terrorist Abu Dzeit could be one of the gunmen in the school. Spokespeople for law-enforcement authorities rejected the information, though. They said that the terrorist with such a name had been killed several months before.

On the photo: A moment of the Beslan crisis in September 2004

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Author`s name Olga Savka