Rabid rottweiler attacks girl biting her head

It was probably a miracle that let the girl stay alive

A visit to a teacher ended rather tragically for a 8-year-old girl. The girl named only as Julia was attacked by a dog that clinched its teeth on the girl's head. The incident happened on November 26th, which became a second birth date for the girl. Julia and her parents from the small village of Smolni will never be able to forget the day, when they had to save the girl from the jaws of a rabid rottweiler.

Three second-graders went to see their school teacher that night. It was not the first time, when the children visited her house – it could never occur to them that they would have to face a mortal danger after a tea party with their teacher.

Julia was the first of the three, who opened the gate of the house and stepped in the yard. A dog attacked the girl immediately and severed the hood of her jacket. The insane animal grabbed the girl's head and dragged the child into the yard. Other children scattered away in fear.

”I tried to distract the beast's attention from my daughter. I did everything I could, I was banging my fists on the fence, but all my efforts were in vain. The dog dragged my daughter towards the bathhouse and started digging a pit there,” Julia's mother said.

When Julia's father ran up to the site of the tragedy, he asked the girl not to make a movement. The man grabbed a stick and attempted to scare the fierce dog away, although his efforts did not bring any good. Even a pitchfork was not enough to make the rabid rottweiler let go the girl's head. When the dog's owner appeared, he asked not to hurt his pet.

It was probably a miracle that let the girl stay alive. Julia is currently staying at a local hospital. She is in a good physical condition, although the horrible incident damaged her psychology: the little girl hardly ever talks to anyone.

Julia's parents went to the police to report the incident and submitted a complaint to a local court. Police officers, however, say that it was possible to avoid the incident, if the girls rang the bell before opening the gate. The court will hear the complaint only if the girl's parents file a civil lawsuit.

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Author`s name Olga Savka