Teenage boy shoots his parents dead in bed

Young boy took revenge on his father, who had punished him for bad school marks

A teenager killed his parents after the father had punished him for bad marks at school. Two dead bodies were found on Saturday morning in their house in the Altay region. Spokesmen for the regional law-enforcement agencies said, the under age killer took his father's sporting gun from the unlocked safe and shot his both parents dead in their bedroom.

The central internal affairs administration of the Altay region said that the boy's father returned home from the teacher-parent conference at school. Teachers told the father at the conference that his 8th grader son had poor results in chemistry. The man decided to punish his son: when he came home, he brutally beat the boy. “My father has never punished me for bad marks at school, but this time he went too far,” the boy said.

Investigators managed to find out several details of the family's life. Alexander (50) and Galina (47) Bykov were considered a good, happy family in the town. Alexander was a driver, his wife was an accountant. The two parents also had a daughter – a grown-up girl, who became a mother last year. It was the girl, who started worrying, when she could not find her parents either at home or at work. All her phone calls remained unanswered. When she came to the Bykovs' house, she saw blood stains on the bed sheets. The young woman rushed to the neighbor and called the police.

The police officers found the two bodies in the storeroom, where they had been put several days ago. The boy said that he wanted to throw the bodies into the river first, but he could not find his dad's car keys. Then he asked his 18-year-old friend to help him bury the bodies, but he refused.

No one can explain such a brutality of the under age boy. “At first he shot the father. The murder of his own dad did not frighten the boy and he killed his mother too. The parents adored their son,” a local police officer said.

The police are at a loss: there is no reason to explain the boy's crime. There are no sects in the region, which could damage the weak psychology of the child. It is not ruled out that the boy has had such nervous disorder because of computer games that he constantly played at home. The Bykovs were one of the few families in the town, who owned a computer.

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Author`s name Olga Savka