The two crashed planes were exploded

The crashes of TU-154 plane in Rostov region and of TU-134 in Tula region were caused by the explosions aboard the planes, said the head of the Scientific and Technical Department of Russian FSB, lieutenant general Andrei Fetisov.
"Today one can say for sure that the crashes of both the planes were caused by terrorist attacks", Mr. Fetisov said. According to him, enough evidence has been collected. After examining the parts of the TU-134 flying from Moscow to Volgograd, it was detected that the plane fell because of breaking the wing part of its fuselage, caused by explosion.

General Fetisov said that the difference about examining the remains of the two planes is that TU-154 near Rostov fell onto the solid ground, while TU-134 in Tula region fell onto the swamp, and its fuselage went deeper underground".

According to the general, on the second day of searching 5 kilometers away from the remains of TU-154, a fuselage having “noticeable signs of explosion” was found. "After the 10-hour expertise of the fuselage, the experts discovered that an explosion had taken place. However, the preliminary expertise of the TU-134 fuselage showed no signs of an explosion, and only the research of the fuselage inner part revealed the signs of damage of the armchairs and tables, and some fractions of the explosives were found”, said general Fetisov.

"The experts came to the conclusion that the most likely version of the plane crashes is terrorist acts on the planes", summed up general Fetisov. Meanwhile, the general pointed the fact that “no fragments of striking substance were found in the fuselage, and because of this it is still hard to say much on the explosives”.

The examination of the planes remains has been complicated by the fact that the plane in Rostov region crashed at the altitude of 10,000 meters, and the plane in Tula region – at the altitude of 5,000-6,000 meters, and the area of searching the plane remains is up to  15 kilometers wide", ITAR-TASS reported.

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Author`s name Marina Lebedeva