Drinking vodka saved the 6 plane passengers' lives

The flight of TU-154 which left Moscow for Sochi and crashed, previously had been delayed because several passengers drank too much alcohol.
The 6 drunk passengers were not let aboard the plane, and this saved their lives.

The spokesperson of Domodedovo airport Evgeniya Chaplygina said that there was 30 pieces of luggage per 46 passengers registered for Moscow-Sochi flight. After the registration and issuing boarding passes the 6 passengers drank in the airport bar so much, that they were not let aboard the plane. Ms. Chaplygina said that the airport security service did not take a risk to allow so drunk passengers to board the plane. “Had they drunk just a little, there would not have been any problem”, said the spokesperson.

She said that this problem caused the flight delay by 20-25 minutes. It did not take much time to find the one suitcase of one of the 6 drunk passengers, and hand it to the man.

Several hours earlier the head of the Press Department of FSB (Federal Security Service) Sergei Ignatchenko said in a Strana.ru interview that the passengers who had not been let aboard the plane, were interrogated by the police. This was the case when drinking saved ones’ lives.

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova