They think we are idiots: special services deny allegations of terrorist act aboard the planes

So far, no evidence of terrorist attack or explosion has been found on the places of the crashes of the two planes, said the spokesman for FSB (Federal Security Service) Sergey Ignatchenko.
"There are several versions of the crash, but the main version is illegal interference in the work of passenger aviation or breaking the rules of exploitation of the plane which carelessly caused the deaths of the passengers". Currently, the orange boxes from the crashed planes are in Moscow, specialists work with them.

The FSB spokesman said that “the law-enforcers have a special commission for investigating  catastrophes of Russian planes”.

In Domodedovo airport in Moscow, the personnel who prepared the two planes for the flight, is answering the questions of the policemen. The quality of fuel and the technology of plane fuelling are being examined.

Specialists have different opinions

The simultaneous crashes of two planes in Tula and Rostov regions can be a double terrorist attack, said the former Head of Moscow FSB Evgeny Savostyanov in an Echo of Moscow interview.

He said that it could be a “synchronized terrorist attack conducted by a well-prepared group of terrorists, some of them could be martyrs".

Savostyanov came to such conclusions because the signal of the plane being hijacked, arrived from Tu-154, аnd there is information on the explosion aboard the Ту-134 plane.

Mr. Savostyanov said that it is difficult to bring explosives on the plane, but there is a possibility.

"Somebody could neglect his/her obligations. A person could be involved in a deal on letting the illegal items aboard the plane", said the former Head of Moscow FSB. 

A representative of one of the Russian aviation departments said in an Interfax interview that there is high probability that it was a terrorist attack as the two planes departed from the same airport, and disappeared from the radar screens simultaneously.

Source: Russian media

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova