Banker robbed a child in Moscow

3-year-old Moscow resident Artem Bychkov has been robbed…by a wealthy banker.
Artem’s mother and her female friend saw the incident. The boy was riding a small 3-wheel bicycle, and ran into the bag of the lady who was walking in front of him.

Some plums and tomatoes fell out of the bag, while little Artem fell down on the ground and started crying. The boy’s mother and her friend rushed to the boy and helped the lady to pick up the tomatoes and plums. However, the lady requested to compensate her damage immediately.

An angry man approached the boy (he was the husband of the lady who had had her tomatoes and plums scattered). The man grabbed the boy’s bike and took it into his vehicle.

Artem’s mother called the police as she remembered the vehicle number-plate. The robber was identified as Deputy Managing Director of Savings Bank, Stromynskoe Department Vyacheslav Komarov. He immediately sued the woman as well, for the 3 broken tomatoes and 4 plums.

The banker hired a lawyer and is determined to win the legal proceedings over the boy, his mother and the policemen who initiated a criminal case against him for robbery.

By the way, Artem still was not given his bicycle back as the bike is the evidence for the criminal case.

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova