Moscow policeman shot at the Metro passenger

On July 31 a policeman shot at a man who tried to enter Moscow Metro with no ticket.
The man had been wounded in his mouth, said Moscow city police spokesman Kirill Mazurin.

The incident is being investigated by the Office of Public Prosecutor.

According to Komsomolskaya Pravda, the 29-year-old policeman asked the 20-year-old citizen of Tajikistan Rustam Baibekov if he wanted to be shot at, and then fired at his mouth. The wounded man was hospitalized.

The young Tajik man worked as a loader at Kashirsky Dvor marketplace. Being at the hospital, he said that he and his friend entered the Metro on one ticket. The policeman approached them and asked for IDs. The Tajik man had neither official registration (the requirement for living in Moscow) nor money to pay fine.

The doctors say that the wounded man was in luck not to have his vitally important organs damaged. The bullet hit his mouth, passed through the neck and went out from under his shoulder. The wounded man will be operated.

However, the investigator from the Office of Public Prosecutor has a different version of the incident. The policeman and Baibekov allegedly had a fight, and it resulted in shooting.

"The incident is really shocking, and for this reason the circumstances of the situation are carefully examined", said the representative of Office of Public Prosecutor.

The policeman has been arrested.

There has been several incidents involving arms in Moscow Metro this year.  On 25 March, 19-year-old student Herman Galdetsky was shot in the Metro. He investigated the allegations of the policemen abusing power.

Herman said that he had discovered that Moscow policemen approached young girls in the Metro and took them to the police posts premises under the excuse of checking IDs. There the policemen allegedly forced girls to have sex.

Herman Galdetsky had been shot near the platforms of Yaroslavsky railway station and was hospitalized with wound in his head. The doctors operated on him several times, and his life is still at risk.

Special police task force has been investigating the cases of the policemen abusing power in Moscow Metro.

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova