London police take Russian senator for terrorist

The incident happened not far from the residence of the British prime minister

London police searched the chairman of the committee for international affairs of the Russian Federation Council. The incident happened not far from the residence of the British prime minister.

According to the BBC, the incident took place in London's center, 100 meters far from the British prime minister's residence in Downing Street, 10. Official spokespeople for the British Foreign Affairs Ministry were accompanying Senator Mikhail Margelov to the British parliament, when police officers stopped the Russian official. The officers stopped the senator, searched him and asked questions, referring to the law about terrorism. “They probably disliked something in my looks. The procedure was usual, they searched me all over and asked several questions about my place of birth, my goal of coming to Great Britain, and so on,” Mikhail Margelov was quoted as saying.

The police press service refused to comment, although they stressed out it could happen to every person coming to London. “We are sorry about any inconveniences it might cause, but these are necessary measures need to be taken in terms of the anti-terrorist struggle,” a spokesman for the police press service said.

The Russian senator decided not to spur up an international scandal. He preferred to have a philosophical approach to the incident: “I am quite happy with apologies from the House of Commons and the House of Lords and from the British Foreign Affairs Ministry. To a certain extent this situation is ridiculous, because it is clear terrorism cannot be exterminated with such methods. Yet, the real anti-terrorism struggle can also be replaced with some inspections and cleansing. It is sad such things happen in London streets in such a formal way,” Mikhail Margelov said.


Mikhail Margelov chairs the foreign affairs committee of the Russian Federation Council. He is a member of the committee for organization of parliamentary activities. In the Federation Council, Margelov represents the Pskov regional administration.

On the photo: Mikhail Margelov

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Author`s name Olga Savka