Drunken flight attendants beat up a passenger

An unprecedented case took place aboard a plane of “Aeroflot” company late Sunday night.

Domestic flight Moscow-Nizhnevartovsk of “Aeroflot” company resulted in an unprecedented case. The flight took place late Sunday night.

Flight attendants who obviously had too much to drink beat up one of the passengers, businessman Artyom Chernopup. The incident occurred after the passenger asked flight attendants for assistance.

“I have never seen anything like this before,” said one of the passengers of that airplane. “The crew belonged to the “Aviaenergo” company; if those morons can in fact be called “crew”…. Flight attendants disappeared the moment we took off. There was no sign of them during the entire. The moment our airplane was about to descend, four crew members began serving us dinner. I noticed something weird about them. Their coordination was really poor…some served plates right on the passengers' laps….”

According to director of “Aeroflot” press-services Irina Dannenberg, one of the Nizknevartovk airline company representatives called the police.

“Unfortunately, “Aeroflot” does not have enough airplanes and we have to lease airplanes of other companies with their crew team,” stated Irina Dannenberg in her interview to “Izvestia.” “That night, airplane Tu-154 (flight SU713) belonged to the “Aviaenergo” company. The entire crew including pilots and flight attendants were also employed by that company. During the flight, three male flight attendants, while being intoxicated, insulted and later beat up one of the passengers. The man had simply made a remark concerning their direct responsibilities to serve food. Based on the information I possess, the flight attendants attempted to serve food but were unable to do so due to their condition.”

Further medical examination revealed severe state of alcoholic intoxication of the flight attendants.

The victim turned out to be a w very well-respected resident of Nizhnevartovsk. He stepped out of the plane with a huge black eye and was immediately taken to the nearest hospital for checkup.

Chernopup has filed a lawsuit. The flight attendants are facing up to three-month imprisonment.

This case is quite unique indeed. Usually, those are drunken passengers that cause major troubles for the crew. Such passengers are often fined for their misbehaviors. This is the first time in the history of Soviet and Russian aviation that flight attendants were the ones at fault.


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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov