Sex slave traders sold girls at $500,000

72 female sex slaves were freed by the police during the special operation in Primorsky Area of Russian Far East.
The criminals were going to sell the girls abroad for prostitution, said Head of Russian Interior Ministry Rashid Nurgaliev at the meeting of the Head of Interior Ministries of CIS countries in Chisinau on June, 16.

According to the Minister, the criminals supplied the sex-slaves – girls from Russia and the other countries of the former USSR – to North America, Asia and Africa.
The girls prepared for being sold abroad, were placed in the special bunker, the criminals deprived them of their passports and forced them to be prostitutes.

The policemen arrested the 5 organizers of the illegal business and confiscated forged documents and more than $500,000 dollars from them.

Meanwhile, the annual profit from trading people, predominantly sex-slaves, is up to $7 billion, said experts during the panel discussion in Izvestia newspaper. Every year up to 700,000 women are trafficked for sex slavery.

Trading people is the third business on revenues after trading drugs and weapons, said the experts.

State Duma Deputy Anatoly said at the conference that “only for the last 7 years several dozens of criminal groups were found to be engaged in recruiting Russian citizens for involving them in sex business abroad”.

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova