Police siren kills 435 Chinese chicks

Chinese farmer from the Huxian province in Western China filed a lawsuit against local police after the latter had scared 435 farmer's chicks to death.

Police siren was to blame for the incident that resulted in the death of so many young chickens. The siren was undergoing repair works. It went off automatically by itself only 10 meters away from the poultry farm.

As a result, 35 birds died instantly; the other 400 died later from shock, reports Ananova.

According to the court's final decision, police has to pay the farmer for the death of 35 chicks that died instantly. Decision regarding the rest of the birds has not been specified yet.

It is worth mentioning that the overall death toll of young chicks and chickens from shock is rather high.

Last year for instance, nearly 2 000 chicks have died from experiencing emotional shock in South China after a group of teenagers let off fireworks for Chinese New Year's.

The incident took place in Guangzhou, China. Farmer Zhou was quietly dining with his family when suddenly he heard loud blasts of fireworks.

According to Zhou, the blasts lasted for 20 minutes. He ran to his farm to check on 5 000 of his birds and noticed that all of them were in a state of shock and were all gathered in one corner.

Nearly 2 000 birds died; some of them died of shock and some of them suffocated after being jammed by others.

Zhou intended to sell his birds for New Year's family festivities. In the end, he lost 30 000 yuans (nearly $3 700 USD).

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov