Son of assassinated Chechen President died

Zelimkhan Kadyrov (elderly son of Chechen President Ahmad Kadyrov assassinated on May 9) died on May 31 in his native village of Tsentoroi in Chechnya. 
Heart deficiency was called the official version of his death.

Zelimkhan Kadyrov had sudden heart attack when he left his home at 6 pm. “He fell down. Doctors were called for, but when the medics arrived, it was too late”, said Head of Apparatus of Chechen government Ziyad Sadsabi.

The press department of Chechen government described the death of Zelimkhan Kadyrov differently, “After dinner Zelimkhan had a nap, and several hours later his wife could not wake him up – he was dead”. Health Minister of Chechnya Musa Ahmadov said that the conference of specialist doctors recognized heart deficiency the cause of Mr. Kadyrov’s death”.

Minister Ahmadov believes that the heart attack was caused by the consequences of the traumas Mr. Kadyrov had in the accident on October 17, 2003. Two days before Ahmad Kadyrov’s taking office as the elected President of Chechnya, his elderly son crashed his vehicle into the truck and had his inner organs (including liver and spleen) traumatized. His life was saved as he was immediately transported to Moscow central clinic by air.

After recovery, he had bad paroxysms of pain almost every month. To treat the sick son of the President, his younger brother Ramzan Kadyrov helped to equip one of the departments of the hospital in the city of Gudermes.

According to the Rossiiskaya Gazeta, Zelimkhan Kadyrov was not so well-known as his younger brother Ramzan who is currently the Deputy Prime Minister of Chechen government. The press wrote about him only once – when he had an accident. Even 7 months after the accident he did not recover.
Ramzan Kadyrov received the news on his brother’s death when he was in the office of President Putin in Moscow. Vladimir Putin was cheering Chechen soccer club Terek whose President is Ramzan Kadyrov, the club had won the important game.

Chechen law-enforcers will conduct a number of expert examinations to see if Zelimkhan Kadyrov died in natural way as the doctors claim.

Vsevolod Vosledov

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova