Israel fires missiles at demonstration.
Israeli military aircraft, supplied by the United States of America, fired missiles into a peaceful Palestinian demonstration in Rafah yesterday, slaughtering at least ten people, including children, who were protesting at the heavy-handed policy of bulldozing homes in their refugee camp.

A further 50 people were injured, some seriously, in this shocking act of terrorism. The israeli army has admitted that a single missile was fired, although TV coverage reveals at least two flashes coming from a helicopter circling over the demonstration. However, the Israeli army then declares that tank shells were also fired into the crowd, which was strafed with machine-gun fire.

In any other country of the world, such crowd control tactics would bring down the Interior Minister, if not the whole Cabinet. In Israel, such acts of terrorism and mass murder, such a blatant disregard for human life, is unfortunately more and more commonplace as the State of Israel fights a Quixotean war with advanced and sophisticated military equipment against a supposed enemy composed mainly of teenagers armed with stones and slings.

The attack drew the usual hail of criticism. Tony Blair called it
"unacceptable", the White House urged "restraint", the UNO has meanwhile adopted a Resolution to force Israel to halt their policy of destroying homes. There was one abstention: the United States of America.


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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova