Hisham Salem: Masters of Russian marriage scam

We get engaged on Feb 10th, 2002 and from that day she was getting $400 - $600 a month until August 2003 she get only $ 1200 on that month to buy a ticket to Egypt.
Her mother stole the money of the wedding ring to buy a car for herself, $ 1500 + $ 2000 = $ 3500 

She got an IBM laptop with  a camera…. 

Every time I tried to come to marry here officially .. problems started to happen… 

Onetime she said “I was in the hospital for 1 month, they suspect that I have SARS”…!!!! 

When I came to Moscow to investigate what is going on, her mother hired a professional thief, he stole $12000 plus my Compaq laptop, they shared it together.. 

I sent a letter to president Putin with a lot of evidence…. 

Please speak here to retutn back my money and laptop….. 

She cheated on me for long time.. she stole my money…. 

Please see this evidence: 

Your Excellency, President Vladmir Putin, 

Please find attached a copy from (the name of the lady) as an evidence that she got $1200 for air ticket to come to Cairo for marriage and then she disappeared.. 

She was getting every month between $400-$500 for more than 16 months.. 

Her mother got $1500 one time and $2000 another time to buy wedding ring for her and then she took the money and bought a car... 

Please help me Mr.President to get my money back (the address of the lady in Moscow) 

Her letter:

Hisham, habibi. I'm still here. He brought computer just now again, I'm trying to get out of here as soon as possible. I'm saying that I changed my mind and I don't want to come to you just to get out of here. I'm so nervous this days because of this silly situation and I'm sad that you are alone and spend your time without me.

Hisham, sweetheart, tell me how I can send you back money for the ticket. You are right it's not polite to take it and not to came to you, but you know ,I was trying but because of this crazy people... They broke my plans and my heart. ok. Kiss you habibi. Hisham, I still love you, I don't know what ot do.I will ask to bring comp tomorrow.

By the way I saw your message about prince, I was laughting from my heart, really. Hisham, it was really funny for me. I'm in love with you still, even we are not togethr still, love is in my heart and no one can take your place, even prince. Kiss you.

Hisham Salem


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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova