Dogs: Russian remedy to fight terrorism

Russian scientists came up with a new breed of dogs to fight terrorism

This dog, which vividly resembles an ordinary mongrel, is in fact the result of continuous process of selection. It is a new type of biological weapon that fights terrorism. These dogs, whose descendents were wild jackals and northern Husky, can scent even the tiniest particles of explosives.

Some call them Jackal-Huskies or simply Huskjackal. The breed has not been officially named yet. It took Klim Sulimov 25 long years to come up with such breed. He has been selecting animals with the sharpest senses. In the end, he managed to interbreed “ice” and “flame”: a subtropical jackal from Northern Caucasus and a Husky from the polar region.

According to Sulimov, these animals possess good search qualities, which domestic animals have already lost. Huskjackals have incredibly keen sense of smell; it is 50 times sharper than in other dogs.

Rid is one of the best “pupils” of the dog nursery. He can smell trinitrotoluol (TNT) a mile away. Before Rid was allowed to work at the airport he had to pass a difficult, multistage exam. Even now, the talented doggy undergoes training daily.

Majority of cynologists are still rather skeptical about Sulimov’s experiments. They say that pure-bred dogs are more susceptible to trainings and are more predictable. Klim Sulimov in turn does not intend to give up. He claims that his breed of Huskyjackals is just on the rise.

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov