Killed Italian hostage had found job in Iraq online

36-year old Fabritsio Kuattrokki became the first foreign hostage killed by Iraqi combatants.
The stories in Italian press revealed some details of the Italian man’s life which had ended so tragically in Iraq.

For four years ago Fabritsio and his family: brother, sister and parents – owned a bakery in Genoa. After the father’s death, his children decided to pursue different careers.

Fabritsio was a very good sportsman, he was fond of Martial arts. Previously he served in Italian Army. After returning from the Army, Fabritsio continued working at the bakery. After the bakery was sold out, he started working as a guard. He attended special training courses for guards.

He got the job offer from Iraq online.

Head of the branch of Ibsa guarding agency in Liguria Roberto Gobbi said that the agency frequently receives inquiries of job-hunters online. Fabritsio and the other Italians had the following assignments: guarding judges, managers, oil pipelines”. 

Mr. Gobbi said that the employees like Kuatrokki does not earn not much in peaceful periods and make 6-8 Euro per month during military missions. Big American companies pay more, up to $1,000 a day. Italian employees were not the best paid, but earned more that the regular Army soldiers.

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova