Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova

Russian train mysteriously disappears

Yamalo-Nenetsky region is currently investigating mysterious disappearance of a passenger train with people on board.

Head of the Department of Civil Defense and Emergency Situations of the tow of Labitnang informed RIA “Novosti” of the missing passenger train № 953 destination Vorkuta-Labitnang. The train has not arrived as scheduled. Train operators are unable to contact the train either.

According to a representative of the Department, supposedly, the train is located somewhere in the region of the village Kharota (Polar Ural). There is a major cyclone in the region, that may have disrupted all communication with the train. Wind gusts reach 30 meters per sec in the region. Heavy snowstorm only worsens the situation. Perhaps, the train operator is waiting for the weather conditions to calm down before proceeding any further.

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