Ex-wife of bin Laden’s elder brother: Osama is alive and doing good

Many people become scared when this lady introduces herself and says, ”I am Carmen bin Laden”.
Carmen looks like a Hollywood actress. She lives in a luxury house on the bank of the lake near Geneva and likes to visit the parties of high society in New York, Paris and London. She told the reporters of the Gente magazine about her ties with the terrorist number one.

26 years ago I married Osama’ elder brother – Islam. We have three children and lived together for 15 years.  We divorced, but I still have Islam’s last name because the divorce procedure was not completed.

Do you think Osama is still alive?

He certainly is, his relatives would not be quiet about his death. They still communicate with him. Saudis never abandon their relatives. Osama’s brothers lie that they have not heard from him. I know for sure that Osama keeps in touch with his relatives.

Do you think Osama is still alive?
In 1991 newspapers wrote that the bin Laden family had $35 billion. How did they earn this money?

The father of my husband Islam and Osama – Mohammed bin Laden - was the native of Yemen.  In 1930s he emigrated to Saudi Arabia and founded a construction company there. He managed to establish good connections with Saudi clerics, and they granted his monopoly for restoration works in Mecca and Medina - the two towns most precious to every Moslem. After signing two contracts for big sums, Mohammed became one of the most respectable persons in the Moslem world. He died in 1967 and left his sons his prosperous corporation. The family benefited from oil deposits as well. Good economic situation in Saudi Arabia contributed to the family success.

What was the role of Osama bin laden in the empire created by his father?

Sheikh Mohammed had 54 children from 22 women. Each of his sons had certain position in his companies. His daughters did not work, but received good money on regular basis. My husband and Osama, along with the other sons of Mohammed, received equal dividends from the profits of the companies.

This means Osama is still in the family business.
Osama will always find a sponsor who is ready to fund his for the sake of Islam religion. He does not have to say, for example, that he needs some million dollars to blow up some embassy. He uses other methods. Osama can establish one more madrasah (Islamic school) and receive as much money as he wants on its account.

If the relatives continue sponsoring Osama, his bank accounts must be still open.

Nobody pays by checks or credit cards in Saudi Arabia.  Saudis pay in cash, and therefore it is easy to pass big sums of money. Each of brothers and sisters is authorized to sign bank accounts of his/her siblings.

Do you think Osama receives political support?

All the bin Laden family has close ties with the members of the Saudi royal family. My husband told me that the successor of king Fakhd, Prince Abdalla is the best buddy of Osama. I am scared to think what will happen after his comes to power.

Do you often communicate with Osama?

No. Besides Osama, my husband has 53 brothers and sisters.  Yet I have some memories about him. One day the entire family got together, and Osama’s wife tried to give some to her baby water with a teaspoon. It was extremely hot, and the baby was crying. I was tired of the baby cries and
 gave her the bottle with a nipple. The woman refused to take it because Osama forbade to feed a baby through “rubber”.

Have you ever seen Osama?

One day the door bell rang in our house. I opened the door and saw Osama. I usually dressed in European clothes at home. Osama started shouting at me, he turned away not to see me in “devil clothes” and gave the signs to leave.   It took me some time to understand what he wanted, and I offered to accompany him to my husband. Finally I realized that he did not want to speak to me for two reasons: I was a woman and I did not wear veil.

Would you like to take a new last name?

This would change nothing. The people would say, “She calls herself Dupon, while her real name is bin Laden” and would think that I have something to hide.
 Were you in the USA after 9/11?

Yes, I went to the USA with my daughter Nur. I was allowed to enter the country only because I am a citizen of Switzerland. My daughter adores the USA, she went to college there. After 9/11 we received some letters with death threats to us. I had to explain people the difficult situation of me and my family. After this, I received understanding.

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova