“We will explode and burn Russia!”

”Caucasus Center” website of Chechen terrorists published a letter of terrorist leader Shamil Basaev accusing Russia of assassinating former President of self-proclaimed “Ichkeria Republic” Zelimkhan Yandarbiev in Qatar.
Shamil Basaev wrote that President Putin is personally responsible for assassinating Yandarbiev. According to Basaev, Yandarbiev was not involved in Chechen terrorist assault on Dagestan republic and taking hostages in Moscow musical theater. Then Basaev follows with threats.

Shamil Basaev wrote that Mosques, synagogues, pagodas, all churches (except for Russian Orthodox church), monasteries, institutions for children and hospitals for mentally sick people. All the rest “we will put on fire, bomb, explode, poison, will arrange explosions of gas in apartment buildings, as long as we have opportunities for this”.

The author of the letter states that some people older than 10 years old will be missing in Russia this year. "I officially state that chemical weapons and poisons were applied against us, and therefore we are in the position to use chemical weapons and poisons against Russia”.

In conclusion Maskhadov wrote that his brigade of terrorists lays the responsibility for the further course of events in Russia upon Vladimir Putin because “he refuses to follow international law on the occupied territory of Ichkeria”.

Source: RBC

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova