Californian accused of incest and murdering wife and eight children

Charges of murdering nine people have been brought to resident of Fresno, California Marcus Wesson.
This has been the biggest murder in the city history. If the court recognizes Wesson guilty, death penalty may be imposed on him.
57-year old Marcus Wesson allegedly wiped out his entire family by shooting in his house on Friday, march 12. The criminal killed 25-year old wife and eight children aged from 1 to 17. The police do not say on the causes for the murder.

There is information that Wesson has been accused of incest and polygamy as well.

Earlier the police received information that several mothers of his children failed to take their children back. Wesson had absolute power over the household and the big family clan until  March 12 when he killed the nine members of his family and put their dead bodies in the pile behind the house.

All Wesson’s wives were his feeble vassals and did not dare to speak when he was around. His children were educated at home – Wesson did not trust the state education system. The two Wesson’s sons who were not among his shot off-springs, said that Wesson had been a good father and fostered the family in the traditions of Adventists of 7th Day.
There is a version that Wesson killed his children because the mothers of two children wanted to take them. The neighbors and other town residents did not trust this weird man having a mop of gray hair put in plaits and thick gray beard. It was hard to comprehend where the family was getting money. Wesson never worked and spoke much about God and his faith. He said he did not have to work to feed the family because God was assisting him. The women living in his family wore dark clothing. Wesson made his sons to study Martial arts.
A neighbor of Wesson’s  family clan said that one of his wives named Elizabeth had complained that she would not like to have more children, but the husband forbade her to think like this saying she should not contradict their religion. The woman gave birth to her first child when she was a teenager. The investigation revealed that Marcus Wesson had children from six women (including his two daughters). They were moving from one place to another.

 In Fresno the family lived several years. Recently Wesson has purchased a dozen mahogany coffins saying that he needs the wood to repair his boat.

Source: Information agencies

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova