Suspects of Moscow Metro blast arrested during police raid in Mosques

Several  suspects of organizing the terrorist act in Moscow Metro have been arrested, said to reporters high-ranking official of Russian police General Nikolai Pershutkin.
”Those involved in the Metro blasts have been detained and they are being interrogated”, General Pershutkin said in a RIA interview.  He said that there are many suspects detained, but did not elaborate on the place of the arrest and the identities of the suspects.

 Answering reporters’ questions, Nikolai Pershutkin said that “persons prepared ideologically for conducting terrorist attacks, were detained in a Moscow Mosque”. He said that the police had had enough grounds for these arrests.

 The General also said that the police conducted examination of Moslem religious institutions to detect ideologists of terrorism, reports. According to the police official, the examination produced results “beyond our expectations”.

The explosion in the Metro train car in Moscow at 8:45 am on February 6 killed 40 people, more than 100 people were wounded.

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova