Vending Machines Sell Narcotics

Twenty people with ecstasy pills were detained at a private party in one of St.Petersburg nightclubs
The St.Petersburg police had a raid at a nightclub of the city and discovered a vending machine that sold narcotic pills called ecstasy instead of fizzy water.

The Vazhno.Ru website reports that twenty people with the pills were detained at a private party in one of St.Petersburg nightclubs. The police first decided it was a joke when the detained said they had taken the ecstasy pills from a vending machine. Young people who wanted to use the machine had to pay 300 rubles (about $10) to a dealer who allowed to press a special button to get the drug.

Ecstasy is a discotheque narcotic that gives strong bursts of positive emotions, may make the emotional and physical perception of the reality even more acute or anomalous.

The substance affects the brain cells producing serotonin that is responsible for transportation of impulses between nerve cells in the human brain; it also controls appetite, sleep and people's emotions. Regular use of ecstasy supposedly results in drastic reduction of serotonin in the human brain.

The narcotic may also cause other physical effects: dry mouth, gritting with teeth, twitching eyes, sweating and nausea. Sometimes the narcotic produces the effect of deep physical relaxation. 
As for psychological aspects, ecstasy produces the effect of euphoria and absolute happiness. People using the drug feel love toward everybody by their side; they no longer face psychological barriers and have more acute emotional susceptibility. That is why the drug is so popular at discotheques. Disputes are still very heated as concerning any connection between popular dancing music and ecstasy and other narcotics that make perception of the reality more acute or distorted.

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Author`s name Michael Simpson