Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova

NATO spy plane conducted aerial reconnaissance on Russian borders

NATO E-3 AVAX plane conducted aerial reconnaissance in Russian border area in the evening of February 23, Russian Ministry of Defense reported.
AVAX was flying in Latvian airspace near Russian borders from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm Msk February 23.

According to the source in Russian Defense Ministry, on February 23 the spy plane flew from Germany (Geilekirchen Air Base) to Rumble aerodrome in Latvia “to demonstrate the capacity of force and equipment within AVAX-NATO system".

For two hours AVAX was flying over Latvia and conducting radio, radar and other kinds of aerial reconnaissance of Russian and Byelorussian territory using all spy equipment aboard the plane.

On February 24 AVAX flew to Shaulyai aerodrome in Lithuania and conducted reconnaissance flight over this Baltic country.

Russian Air Force Command expressed concerns regarding spy planes flights near Russian borders.

”AVAX flights in the airspace of Latvia and Lithuania enable NATO to conduct deep aerial reconnaissance of Belarus and North-Western region of Russia, and we are concerned about this”, said the representative of Russian Air Force General Staff.

According to him, NATO spy planes fly along Russian borders on regular basis, every day.

"Spy planes are patrolling Russian borders in all directions, they often use the former USSR countries for this. These planes do not violate the state borders, but they study all in details. Russian Air Force traces and analyze these flights. The last AVAX flight will be analyzed as well”.

Earlier there were reports that NATO Forces in Europe Chief Command had scheduled flights of AVAX for February 23-25 to examine operating compatibility of the relevant NATO units with BALTNET system of airspace surveillance.

Source: NEWsru