What kind of reward terrorist-martyr expects from Allah

26-year old single Palestinian Tauria Khamuri says if she had killed Jews, she would have become a mermaid.
The woman, native of Jenin, dreamed of exploding herself in Jerusalem and killing several dozens of Jews, and of finding herself in paradise after that.

However, Tauria Khamuri was unable to implement her dream. She was arrested and imprisoned for six years for attempt of murder. Currently she is in prison.

"I am sorry I could not conduct the act of terrorism”, she says. “You are glad you caught me, but it was my failure”.

"I was dreaming of making myself a sacrifice for Palestine. Our only weapon – people like myself. Take on a belt with explosives and blow oneself up”.

After the act of terrorism conducted by Reim Salakh Ar-Rishi (on the photo) at Erez checkpoint, media started discussing the problem of female terrorists-martyrs again. Since the Intifada was declared by Palestinians, eight Palestinian women blew themselves up. 24 more women were caught before they could explode themselves (including Tauria Khamuri).

She was born and raised in Jenin. Tauria has six brothers and three sisters. Her father is a construction worker, her mother runs the house. The family owned an olive garden. The start of Intifada caused financial problems to the family – before it the family was making money from trading with Israelis. However, Khamida does not remember this fact.

"Since early childhood, I have seen only wars and hatred, murdered people and blood and hatred”, says Khamuri. “Those who grew up under such conditions, cannot strive for peace. On the contrary, I was eager to help my people, sacrifice myself, kill Jews and die”.

What were you thinking when you were going to take the belt filled with explosives?

I was going in a taxi from Jenin to Skhem and trying to imagine what this would be look like. I was not scared – those willing to explode themselves have no fear. I was thinking how many people would die. I was trying to figure out what would happen if I succeeded and what – if I failed. I was calculating how many Jews I should kill to consider this a success and justify my death.

And how many?

As many as possible. When I was in a taxi, I closed my eyes and was dreaming of killing more than one hundred Jews. Two hundreds would be even better. I was thinking only about this. To sacrifice myself to make hundreds of Jews dead.

Were your relatives aware of your heading for conducting an act of terrorism?

I did not tell anybody about this. What is your mother going to do after you tell her that you intend to explode yourself? She will not just cry, she will handcuff you and lock in your room. She will not let you out. I know this. The mother’s heart is like this. For this reason, nobody knew what I was up to. Besides, I am a very sensitive girl, and nobody could imagine I was able to do this.

Men are promised 70 virgins in paradise. What was promised for you?

I was told I would be as a mermaid, a beauty Queen in paradise if I became a martyr.

Source: Zhizn Izrailya


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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova