US resident attempted to smuggle 367 ancient icons from Ukraine (PHOTOS)

The largest collection of icons has been confiscated by regional customs in Kiev (Ukraine).

One US resident (whose name is not mentioned) attempted to smuggle 367 ancient artifacts. This is the largest collection of smuggled goods in the history of modern Ukraine.

According to ForUm, the man presented fake documents for the unique collection of ancient occult objects. The operation was a success mainly due to professionalism of the customs security brigade.

Fake ducuments that accompanied the collection indicated that the collection was absolutely worthless and did not represent historical-cultural value. Customs officials doubted the genuinity of those documents and forwarded the icons for further examiniation. The examination completely refuted the information provided by the US resident.

Preliminary report of Kiev's scientific research center of judicial examination indicates that majority of icons making their way to the US, represent a thematic collection of Ukrainian icons of XVII-XX centuries. It is therefore strictly prohibited to remove the icons beyond Ukranian borders.

Majority of the icons come from Kiev and Chernigov regions. It is possible that some pieces have criminal past. Namely, they might have been stolen from churches around Chernoble zone. 

To view the collection:,35,12

Source: ForUm    

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov